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  • Jul 01, 2021

Web Development vs Web Design

If you own a business or are planning to be the founder of a brand, it is important for you to do your homework and know about every tactic that can help you reach a wider target audience. Having a web presence is one such aspect of marketing that holds vitality in the reachability of a brand. Considering a significant part of the population is now has a presence online, it is crucial that your clientele is getting a chance to interact with your brand through your website.

Every brand, big or small, has a website but only a few brand owners know or understand terms like Web Development and Web Design, let alone being able to differentiate between the two but fret not. We have come to your rescue! Today we’ll discuss not only what these terms imply but also the difference between them so that you know what’s actually happening with your brand’s website!

Web Designing

It basically refers to the visuals of the website. Here the focus is on the design of the website. A graphic designer or a website designer takes care of the theme, the layout, usability, that is, is whether or not it is user-friendly. The designer must have a certain set of skills like creativity, knowledge of using various designing tools, and technical skills required to make the website apt according to the brand identity.

Types of Web Designers

1.UX Designers

Their role is to create human-centric designs that are based on data-driven decisions for which they conduct extensive research as well.

2. UI Designers

These designers are required to create user-friendly and interactive websites, that is, they try and encourage interactions between the brand and the audience.

3. Visual Designers

They work with the theme and layout of the website and their work is mostly a combination of the other types of designers.

Web Development

This part of the website creation includes developing the website, that is the back-end work required to construct the website. This work isn’t visible to the website visitor but without it, no website can be constructed. Here, the developer must possess skills like command over computer languages required to perform the coding like JAVA, C++, PYTHON, HTML, and PHP. The developer is someone who actually brings functionality into the website.

Types of Web Developers

1. Front-end

The front-end developers construct the actual website through coding done using various languages like HTML, JAVA, etc. As the designers, their responsibility is to make the website aesthetics appropriate according to the brand.

2. Back-end

This is all about what happens ‘behind the scenes of the website development. They code the database and server using advanced programming languages such as PHP, C#, Java, Ruby, and SQL.

3. Full-stack

Full-stack developers are basically a combination of the other two kinds. That is, they do both the front-end and the back-end coding work on the website. In addition to that, full-stack developers also set up and configure servers, code Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), query databases, and more.

Hopefully, this will help you understand the difference between the two roles in a better way, and accordingly, you’ll be able to make the decision of whom you need to hire according to your requirements.

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