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Top Free Content Writing Tools For Emerging Writers

In the emerging world of technology, content marketing is a crucial part to create brand awareness. To engage with the viewers, content writing tools can play a vital role for writers to prepare interactive content. The writing tools help a writer to create the title, complete the content, and finalize the content before publishing it. Posting the content helps businesses to interact with their potential customers and introduce the services.

If you are a writer and want to create outstanding content to grow your business, content writing tools for SEO are crucial to enhance your business. This article will help all the writers about grabbing the right tool for content writing, which they can use to create engaging content. The writing team in the company must use the free content writing tools to optimize it and start rocking on the web.


Best Content Writing Tools For Beginners

When you are new at content marketing, you have to use some tools to understand the trends and prepare a strategy that helps you engage with ample readers. Here is a list of content writing tools that will help you create market-oriented content that interacts with the users.


Google Trends

Google trends help businesses to find out relative content for their business and start writing the articles that are in trend. It analyzes the content from all over the world and helps writers to know the trendy topics that can give them huge traffic in minimum time.
It is a free tool for writers, to generate creative content ideas. Users can check geographical filters to find out trendy topics and write about them immediately. Also, Google Trends allows users to find the past and current information on the topic to rank their articles in the Google Algorithms.


Google Keyword Planner

If you want to find trendy keywords for free to rank your content on Google, Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool for content writers. Many users prefer it to get trendy keywords to rank on the search engine, which provides qualitative ideas for writers. It works similarly to the paid tools, where content creators can get creative keywords to interact with their potential users.

Google Keyword Planner helps users to discover new keywords and get search volumes worldwide. You can also go with the geographic regions to rank your content, where you can get keywords that are ranking in that particular geographic location.



If you are new at content writing, then Grammarly is a genuine tool you can use to work pleasantly. It removes all the grammar errors and gives you an error-free document. Grammarly is a fantastic content writing tool for beginners who make mistakes while typing and thinking the sentences. You can use its free version to get spelling corrections and basic grammar editions. But, if you want to create content, that does not contain a single grammar error, then you can buy Grammarly Premium, which also helps you work on the plagiarisms in the article.


Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is another masterpiece content writing tool for SEO, which helps writers to create engaging and SEO-optimized content. Small SEO tools have multiple content writing tools that help the writer to optimize the content as per Google algorithms. Basically, you can check plagiarism on the content for free using this content writing tool.


Hemingway Editor

If you want to write engaging content that is easy to read and fits in Google algorithms, Hemingway Editor is a perfect option to start writing. The tool helps writers to work on their writing skills and write user-friendly content that helps users to understand the motive of the article.

The app shows lengthy, and hard-to-read sentences that affect the user experience while reading them. You can shorten the words and improve the score on Hemingway Editor to publish an article that directly connects to the readers.


To Sum Up

Content writing tools are crucial to create an idea to draft an article or a post. They help writers to create better content that fits into Google’s algorithm and interact with millions of potential customers. You can also choose the free content writing tools if you are a beginner in writing and want to publish engaging articles.

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