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  • Jul 24, 2021

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

With recent developments in the world due to the pandemic, mobile which was already integral in our lives also became omnipresent. Mobile is the first thing we reach open when we wake up and the last thing we use before going to bed. With this development, the need for better and more efficient apps arose which in turn gave rise to a couple of trends in the mobile development industry. Let’s take a look at those trends.


4.  Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration


Even though it is not exactly a new concept but a broad range of sectors and categories has created seemingly endless opportunities for the IoT. Smart home technology is a perfect example of the rise in IoT and mobile app development.


5. Apps For Foldable Devices


Foldable devices made a grand comeback in 2019. With their comeback, the need for apps for foldable devices also increased tremendously. The aim of these apps is to make their experience more seamless when they are using a foldable phone.


6. Development For Wearable Devices


According to the industry experts, even though wearable devices have been in the market for a long but they are yet to reach their full potential. There is tremendous scope for developing connecting apps for all the devices a person owns and individually as well.


7. Beacon Technology


The first mobile app beacons were developed back in 2013. But over the last few years, significant advancements have been made to this technology. From retail to healthcare and hospitality, beacons can add advanced functionality to nearly any mobile app.


8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AI is one such field that continues to amaze us. It is everywhere yet it still holds a lot of potentials to surprise us, especially in the mobile development industry.


Examples of AI features that can be implemented into a mobile app include:


Image recognition

Face detection

Text and image classification

Sentiment recognition and classification

Speech recognition

Predictive maintenance



9. Chatbots


In order to provide satisfaction to the clients, it is essential to be always available there to serve them. Sometimes, with an influx of clients, it is not humanly possible to be available for all of them at once. This is where chatbots come to the rescue and in the coming few months, we’ll see them penetrating the mobile development industry with more strength.


10. On-Demand Mobile Apps


The opportunity to make profits in on-demand mobile apps is endless. Apps like uber and zomato have successfully proved that.


These are some examples of how apps can transform the on-demand industry:


Laundry service

Doctors on-demand

Virtual tutors and coaches

Food delivery

House cleaning

Maintenance services

Fitness on-demand

Pet care

Barber and beauty salon

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