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Seo maturity model:- The procedural journey of content towards the progression phase.

As we all knew that the profit of the business is totally depends upon the quality of customers they are reaching. Although this is not an easy task to drive quality segment to it, all it needs is a good digital marketing and SEO approach.

SEO is thereby abbreviated as search engine optimization that works upon the improvement of page or website ranking via good and quality content.  After writing SEO-friendly content, there are several steps are through which content needs to pass in order to improvise the page ranking.

Orderly understanding the SEO approach, the SEO maturity model is helpful that is designed in such a way that it clearly depicts each and every level of content checking and conversion of sale.


The phases of the SEO maturity model

The SEO maturity model is basically split into four major phases to make the changes a bit more visible to the user or editor who is handling it on its own.



Crawability is the very first phase of the SEO maturity model where google checks the indexing and site visiting capability. Although in case of founding any error or wrong backlinks, the algorithm started to give the suggestion and block it by their end.

Thereby Crawability works upon the 3  major parts that are penalty detection, authentication factor, and indexing. This helps the website to gain more loyal customers by the factor improving search engine indexing and page ranking.


Content optimization

As the Crawabilty factor is done, the content needs to pass through the actual optimization where the optimizer optimizes the content as per the keyword density and their allocation.

Basically, these keywords differ from content to content and are fetched out from the google keyword planner tool that keeps track and listed all the topmost keywords.

As these keywords are listed properly,  then the content is created as per the searched keywords with 10-12 % overall density.  Although in order to target effective customers, keywords are placed into the collection page to get improvise the page ranking on the google search engine.



As content optimization and indexing are underway, offsite linking of the page or website is carried out parallelly to make the website or campaign more realistic and viewable to the targeted customers.

Although, this offsite linking is done in three major ways by the SEO executive optimizer. Whereas the first step is to create a local link by giving a simple and short description of the business that depicts the originality of the brand.

Thereby the second step is link developing, by creating engaging and unique content, maintaining a well-known brand and business that has the aura in the market. The third step is to share your content via social media where user engagement is higher than any other platform.


Content creation

The fourth and final phase is content creation that is carried out in two major ways that are, onsite linking and blogging. Although, the onsite linking and content creation work along with the targeted keywords and detailing factor that provides a piece of significant information to the prominent reader.

Second is blogging where articles, blogs, FAQ, and much more content is created with innovative ideas to grasp the reader’s mind.



SEO is a very important aspect of any business that helps them to get high reach in a limited time via targeting the effective customer segment. Although this process tools time to get mature it will surely help you in getting a good profit margin.

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